Canon PowerShot G1 X Digital Camera

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  • 14.3MP 1.5" CMOS Sensor
  • 3.0" Vari-Angle LCD Screen
  • 28mm Wide Lens with 4x Optical Zoom
  • DIGIC 5 Image Processor
  • Hybrid Image Stabilizer
  • Optical Viewfinder
  • Up to 12,800 ISO
  • 1080p Full HD Video
  • High Dynamic Range Scene Mode
  • MPN: 5249B001

The Canon PowerShot series has earned its popularity. Sometimes you just don't want to lug the DSLR out, but you want more flexibility than a basic point-and-shoot can give you; and, maybe micro 4/3 just isn't where you're at. The PowerShot G1 X Digital Camera speaks to your desires while keeping things simple.

Shoot in the basic auto mode, letting the G1 X do the leg work for you, or choose all your settings in the manual mode - allowing your creativity to run wild. Whatever you're feeling like, the G1 X builds on the good name of its predecessors, giving you an easy-to-carry-around camera with numerous features to keep you satisfied and shooting all day long. You won't be bored or frustrated, instead, you'll have a myriad of options, capable of keeping things fresh with every shot.

The shooting and photo effects in the G1 X stretch the photographer's creativity. A brief sampling of modes includes Custom, Portrait, Landscape, Sports, Handheld Night Scene, Program (and all his friends: Shutter-Priority, Aperture-Priority, the aforementioned manual, etc.), Super Vivid, Nostalgic, Toy Camera Effect, Monochrome, Poster Effect, and then some.

Another interesting feature is the Movie Digest which allows you to create a video of highlights from a day of shooting. When Movie Digest is on the camera will automatically record a short video clip (up to 4 seconds) every time you shoot a still image. The entire day's worth of clips will be automatically combined into a single video. Of course, the High Dynamic Range shooting mode takes a number of shots to ensure you'll get a photo that works - one underexposed, one overexposed, and one normal. All three are combined for an image that is balanced and evenly detailed with flattering shadows and highlights.

More than putting a bevy of options at your fingertips though, the G1 X also puts forth respectable image quality with an enhanced 14.3Mp 1.5" CMOS image sensor. That's over 4Mp more than the company's previous permutation in the series. Other improvements include an ISO range that now reaches 12,800 and 1080p HD video - up from 720p in the past. The camera also gives you a dedicated movie button for one-push video capture. Still, in place, you'll find the 28mm (35mm equivalent) lens, this time with 4x optical zoom and a 16x combined zoom option. Additionally, the camera also sports a slightly bigger LCD screen, at 3.0". The Vari-Angle option remains a hallmark of the series as does the optical viewfinder.

One could delve into a rabbit hole explaining all the twists and turns and avenues to explore with the G1 X. However if one were, to sum up the basic premise of the camera it would be that the G1 X gives you room to move in just about every direction might want to explore. Manual mode? Got it. Want to shoot a 1080p video with audio? Got that too. An HDR addict? You can indulge here. What's more, while the camera has a built-in flash it also allows the user to add optional Canon Speedlites to the hot shoe for more advanced low-light capture, among the many other features on this remarkable camera.

Canon DIGIC 5 Image Processor

The latest-generation Canon DIGIC 5 Image Processor brings phenomenal increases in processing speed and power. Improved chip architecture and algorithms deliver greatly expanded functionality with further refinement in image quality. Improved noise reduction produces clearer images when shooting in low light at high ISO speeds. Enhanced i-Contrast performance adjusts differences between light and dark areas to achieve even more natural-looking results. The faster processing speed also results in faster continuous shooting capability. The DIGIC 5 Image Processor also makes possible a highly advanced automatic white balance system. Whereas conventional white balance makes an overall adjustment based on a single type of light source, the Canon Multi-Area White Balance analyzes several areas of the image to determine whether different adjustments are needed, for example, for the main subject and the background

Canon 1.5" 14.3MP High-Sensitivity CMOS Sensor

Canon engineers developed a sensor for the PowerShot G1 X digital camera that is nearly the size of an EOS DSLR camera's APS-C sized sensor and built with a similar pixel structure - each pixel site is larger, allowing more light to be captured - giving the PowerShot G1 X a completely different level of image quality than compact cameras that have come before it. At 1.5", the sensor is approximately 6.3 times larger than that of the PowerShot G12 digital camera. This heightened degree of sensitivity, along with 14.3Mp, delivers several distinct advantages. Noise is dramatically reduced at high ISO speeds for clear low-light and nighttime shooting. Resolution at low ISO speeds is incredibly rich and precise. And, most atypically for a compact camera, the PowerShot G1 X digital camera allows you to create the intensely beautiful background blur that is the hallmark of DSLR cameras


The Canon HS SYSTEM lets you take bright, clear photos in an even wider range of shooting situations. Beautiful low-light shots are possible with minimal noise and maximum detail in highlight and shadow areas. The system is the result of two technologies brought together in PowerShot cameras: a high-sensitivity imaging sensor, which is able to capture more light; and the DIGIC Image Processor, which actively reduces noise with high-speed image processing. The 14.3 megapixel Canon CMOS sensor in the PowerShot G1 X incorporates advanced light reception technology that enhances sensitivity. The new DIGIC 5 Image Processor provides a major boost in noise reduction, expanding the usable range to an amazingly high ISO of 12,800. The HS SYSTEM thus lets you use higher shutter speeds to capture clearer images with reduced noise and blur

EOS-Level Creative Control: Shooting and Recording Modes Including 14-Bit RAW + JPEG

The PowerShot G1 X offers a host of shooting and recording modes ranging from fully automatic to fully manual, plus full HD movies and full-resolution High-Speed Burst HQ at a maximum of 6 frames. Normal continuous shooting gives you about 1.9 fps (in P mode), while you get approx. 0.7 fps in AF and LV (in P mode). The camera recognizes 32 shooting situations, automatically optimizing settings for achieving the highest quality shots on the go. Alternatively, you can exert complete creative control over the look and feel of your images. The 14-bit signal processing, just as in EOS series cameras, gives images notably rich detail and smooth gradation. Compared with 12-bit processing, 14-bit offers a 4x increase in RAW data and makes a visible impact, giving images rich detail in both highlights and shadows as well as smoother, more natural tonal gradation for outstanding image quality

Canon Full HD Video Advantage

In addition to the HS SYSTEM, the combination of the advanced CMOS sensor and the DIGIC 5 Image Processor in the PowerShot G1 X digital camera makes it possible to shoot crisp, clear high definition video. Imagine the fun and excitement of being able to shoot spectacular 1080p Full HD video with stereo sound that you can later watch on your HDTV or download to your computer to share with family and friends. In addition to being able to shoot full HD 1080p video at 24 frames per second, the PowerShot G1 X digital camera can also shoot 720p HD video at 30 frames per second

Dedicated Movie Button, Wind Filter feature, and Optical Zoom for Easy Video Capture

It's never been easier to shoot videos with a PowerShot digital camera. The PowerShot G1 X has a dedicated movie button that lets you start and stop recording instantly. There is no need to go through layers of menus or operate switches or dials to switch to and from video recording mode. The camera is always ready to shoot stills or videos whenever you want. The PowerShot G1 X also incorporates an electronic wind filter, which suppresses wind noise that can muffle or distort the sound. And unlike less sophisticated point-and-shoot cameras, the PowerShot G1 X lets you use the full range of optical zoom when you're shooting a video

HDTV Playback via HDMI with CEC Support

It's easy to enjoy and share the videos you shoot with the PowerShot G1 X. Simply connect its HDMI terminal to your HDTV using an HDMI cable. And because the PowerShot G1 X supports HDMI-CEC technology, you'll be able to control the playback of your images and videos on any CEC-enabled HDTV using the TV's remote control. (CEC - Consumer Electronic Control - is part of the HDMI specification, enabling components in a system to communicate with one another)


With the PowerShot G1 X, you can also shoot videos in the Apple iFrame format, which is a computer-friendly standard that speeds importing and editing of videos. It keeps file sizes small, making it more convenient to upload or email high-quality videos. The iFrame format enjoys native support in compatible Mac and Windows video applications, making it unnecessary to perform time-consuming and often quality-degrading conversions

4x Wide-Angle Optical Zoom and 28mm Lens

The PowerShot G1 X digital camera is equipped with a newly designed 4x wide-angle optical zoom and 28mm lens (35mm equivalent: 28-112mm), built with the knowledge acquired over decades of Canon leadership in optical technology innovation. Canon engineers specifically designed this lens to take advantage of the PowerShot G1 X digital camera's exceptionally large sensor. Bright and fast, the f/2.8 lens captures a wealth of subtle detail, even indoors and in dark scenes, and easily covers a full range of shooting situations. It incorporates the latest in Canon UA lens technology, suppressing lens aberration for outstanding image quality throughout the entire zoom range. Images are richly expressive, from areas of the highest resolution to beautifully your avenues for creative photography. Zooming is fast and precise, and 4x power takes you in for the close-up.

UA Lens Technology

Pioneered by Canon, UA Lens technology makes possible compact lenses with remarkable optical performance. By using molded glass with an ultra-high refractive index in aspherical lens elements, Canon has succeeded in reducing lens size while significantly reducing image aberrations. Another stellar example of cutting-edge Canon optics, UA Lens technology helps make PowerShot digital cameras pocket-friendly and capable of astounding image quality

Optical Image Stabilizer

Handheld shooting can often lead to camera shaking, making photos and videos blurry. Canon's Optical Image Stabilizer is a sophisticated system that shifts a lens group to correct unwanted camera movement. It makes handheld photography more practical in more shooting situations. For photos, it enables shooting at slower shutter speeds, accommodating more low-light shooting situations of up to 4 stops without having to boost ISO sensitivity. With the camera shake reduced you get a sharper, steadier image

Intelligent IS

Intelligent IS analyzes camera movement and applies the best shake correction method for the shooting situation. For stills, the system automatically selects among Normal, Panning, Macro (Hybrid), and Tripod IS modes. When shooting video, the system automatically selects among Dynamic, Powered, Macro, and Tripod IS modes. With Intelligent IS, you can concentrate on image capture, letting the camera make the most effective IS settings to assure the steadiest possible image


Corrects for a wide range of camera movement when shooting stills

Panning motion is detected so that IS does not interfere with desired camera movement

Macro (Hybrid)
Corrects for shift-type camera shake, which typically occurs in macro (close-up) shooting

Effective for video shooting at wide-angle focal lengths, eliminating the unwanted shaking that typically occurs while walking

Compensates for hand movement when shooting video at the telephoto end of the zoom range, where camera shake is magnified

When tripod use is detected, the Image Stabilizer is stopped because it is not needed

3.0" Vari-Angle PureColor System LCD

With the PowerShot G1 X digital camera, difficult shooting angles won't stop you from getting the shot you want. The camera's big 3.0" Vari-Angle LCD screen swivels out and rotates, tilting up and down to give you access to the highest and lowest angles for shooting flexibility that greatly enhances your creative expression. You can also capture perfectly centered self-portraits or put yourself into group shots. The LCD screen's benefits don't end with mobility. A resolution of 922,000 dots gives you an unprecedented level of detail in the images you're composing. The high-resolution level also makes it easy to read on-screen information when you're adjusting camera settings and accessing shot information. Full-spectrum color is true and natural. As befits a high-performance camera designed for advanced users, the PowerShot G1 X digital camera is equipped with an optical viewfinder as well. Shoot SLR-style with the real image optical zoom finder, and customize the viewfinder for your vision with dioptric adjustment

Electronic Level

The PowerShot G1 X even has a built-in electronic level that calculates the camera's horizontal angle of tilt and displays the information on the LCD monitor. The features make it easier to capture a perfectly level shot every time

High-Speed Burst HQ

Utilizing the increased processing speed and power of the new Canon DIGIC 5 Image Processor High-Speed Burst HQ makes it possible to capture fast action stills in full resolution during continuous shooting. The results are exceptionally high-quality images recorded in rapid sequence. In this mode, the PowerShot G1 X can capture a maximum of 6 shots in a single burst

Shooting Modes / Special Scene Modes

Smart AUTO
The camera automatically selects the best shooting settings for optimal quality based on subjects and environmental factors to provide point-and-shoot simplicity

The camera automatically and intelligently selects the aperture/shutter speed combination based on the shooting conditions

Movie Digest
Records a video clip before capturing a still image and then combines one day's worth of clips into a video


You select the shutter speed and the camera automatically selects the appropriate aperture

You set the aperture, controlling depth-of-field. The camera automatically selects the shutter speed

You have complete control of exposure, selecting both aperture and shutter speed manually

Define and store your own settings to achieve the effects you prefer

Brings the subject into focus while beautifully blurring the background

Increases depth-of-field for sharp and sweeping landscape shots

Kids and Pets
The camera reduces focus time so you won't miss those special shots

The camera uses high shutter speeds to capture fast-moving subjects

Handheld Night Scene
Take clear and steady pictures at night without the use of a tripod

Super Vivid
Super Vivid intensifies existing hues, saturating the scene with bright colors

Color Accent
Choose to retain a single color in your image while other colors turn monochrome

Color Swap
Select a color and replace it with a color you specify for special effects

High Dynamic Range
The camera combines three different exposures to get one evenly lit image

Create the look and feel of old photographs using sepia tones and black-and-white

Get clear shots of people at a sunny beach without darkened faces

Capture underwater images with reduced backscatter effect. Optional underwater case required

Capture brilliant shots of autumn foliage, greenery, and blossoms

Shoot clear snow scenes without darkened subjects or an unnatural bluish tint

Create brilliant images of skyrocketing fireworks

Fisheye Effect
Now you can get the fisheye effect - a classic photographic distortion - without a fisheye lens

Miniature Effect
Give images a miniature look with an effect that emphasizes perspective by blurring the top and bottom of the image

Toy Camera Effect
Simulates photos taken with "toy" or pinhole cameras, darkening the image at the edges to create a vignette

Choose from three single-tone effects: black-and-white, sepia, or blue

Poster Effect
Poster Effect combines several similar shades into one color, turning subtle gradations into eye-catching, scene-popping contrasts

Capture high-quality video in HD (1920 x 1080 or 1280 x 720) or VGA (640 x 480) with audio. Easily delete unwanted clips in playback mode

iFrame Movie
The Apple movie format, iFrame, makes it easier and quicker to import and upload videos while retaining high-image quality

High-Speed Burst HQ
Captures fast-action shots at full resolution, providing continuous shooting when the shutter button is held down

Smart Shutter
The camera automatically takes the photo when people smile, wink, or get into the frame

Stitch Assist
Easy-to-use guidelines simplify the shooting of aligned multiple frames that can later be combined (using bundled software) to create panoramic photos

Movie Digest

Creating a video containing highlights of a family vacation or an important occasion is a lot easier than you might think. When you use Movie Digest on the PowerShot G1 X, the camera will automatically record a short video clip (up to approximately 4 seconds) every time you shoot a still image. That entire day's worth of clips will then be automatically combined into a single video

Integral Flash Plus Compatibility with Canon Speedlite Flashes

The PowerShot G1 X digital camera has a powerful onboard flash, and it also gives you access to exciting EOS accessory flash accessories including the new Macro Light Adapter MLA-DC1, Macro Ring Ling MR-14EX, and all the Canon Speedlite flashes, long revered by professional photographers. The high output of Speedlite flashes brings out the depth and texture of your images in full, natural beauty. The ultra-lightweight Canon Speedlite 270EX II is a compact, high-performance flash unit that's fun and easy, with an adjustable illumination angle and guide number. The versatile new Speedlite 320EX features an LED light on the front of the flash body that can be used to illuminate nearby subjects in dim light, ideal for shooting video

EOS-Like Manual Shooting - Mode Dial and Front Dial

PowerShot G1 X allows fully manual shooting to give you complete creative control over your images. Adjustment of settings is streamlined and intuitive, with a design based on Canon EOS operability. A bi-level dial on top of the camera sets the mode and allows quick adjustment of exposure compensation. An ergonomically-placed electronic dial located on the camera's front provides a natural feel for control over camera settings letting you concentrate on getting the perfect shot. Step-zoom allocation is also available

High Dynamic Range Scene Mode

Shooting in high-contrast environments can often result in photos with overexposed and underexposed sections. So to tackle this problem, Canon developed the High Dynamic Range shooting mode to make shooting even more intuitive. Under High Dynamic Range, the camera will shoot three different exposures in succession (underexposed, overexposed, and normal) and then merge them into a single image. Underexposed areas are combined with the overexposed and vice versa, resulting in an evenly detailed image with flattering shadows and highlights

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