Olympus EVOLT E-420 SLR Digital Camera with 14-42mm f/3.5-5.6 Zuiko Lens

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  • 14-42mm Zoom Lenses
  • 10.0 Megapixel
  • 2.7" LCD Display
  • Four-Thirds System
  • Supersonic Wave Filter Anti-dust System
  • Autofocus Live View
  • 3.5 fps Burst
  • Scene Select Modes
  • Shadow Adjustment
  • Face Detection
  • Dual Card Slot (CF & xD)

The Olympus E-420 SLR Digital Camera has all the features you need to take great pictures. These features are crammed into one of the smallest Digital SLR bodies available. The high-resolution 10-megapixel Live-MOS image sensor captures exquisite detail and provides you with the flexibility to crop your images and still produce large, detailed prints. The unique Olympus Autofocus Live View function allows you to frame and focus your photos using the large 2.7-inch LCD as a viewfinder.

The E-420 is also very easy to use with a host of Scene Select Modes that make everyone an instant expert. You can also use the camera's advanced exposure modes including program, aperture priority, shutter priority, and full manual control for the ultimate in creative control. You will get a great shot in any lighting situation with five metering modes including the 49-point ESP Meter, plus Shadow Adjustment Technology and the Face Detection feature, both viewable in real-time on the Live View LCD.

Even with all of this power, the E-420 is incredibly easy to use. The ergonomic and lightweight design of the camera body means that the camera will be comfortable to hold even after a long day of sightseeing, and the 2.7" HyperCrystal II LCD enables images to be beautifully displayed in vivid color, even from 176-degree viewing angles or in bright sunlight, making it simple to preview and review your images.

The E-420 also solves the dust problem commonly found with SLR Cameras by providing a proven anti-dust system that utilizes a Supersonic Wave Filter in front of the image sensor to literally shake the dust away, so your pictures will be spotless - every time.

10.0 Megapixel Resolution
The Olympus E-420 incorporates a 10-megapixel effective resolution Live-MOS imaging sensor that provides professional quality image resolution and lower noise than other image sensors, even at high ISO settings. This high-resolution sensor captures all the detail needed to make large prints, or even crop without losing detail.
2.7" LCD Display
The 2.7 HyperCrystal II LCD has approximately 230,000 pixels, a broader range of color detail, and provides many times the contrast of conventional LCD monitors, making it easy to view your shots, even in bright sunlight. Plus, you'll be able to see the screen with amazing clarity from almost any angle.
Live View Viewfinder
The Live View technology enables the photographer to hold the camera away from his or her face, making it easier to compose and shoot in any situation, from any angle, and the On-Screen Autofocus works as seamlessly as a point-and-shoot to display subjects in focus on the LCD the instant the shutter is pressed halfway.
Perfect Shot Preview
Perfect Shot Preview enables you to view and select your favorite effect right on the LCD, and see how the image will look before you even capture it, so you know that what you see is what you get.
Professional Quality Zuiko-Digital Lens
The E-420 SLR is fully compatible with all of the Olympus Zuiko lenses - they are precision-engineered and designed especially for digital photography to provide edge-to-edge clarity and even brightness across your image. Furthermore, there is a large selection of Zuiko lenses available ranging from extremely wide angle to high zoom telephoto lenses as well as specialty lenses. The camera is also compatible with all Four-Thirds mount lenses made by other manufacturers.
Anti-Dust System
The proven anti-dust system ensures that you'll get spotless pictures - every time. Every time you turn on the E-420, the Supersonic Wave Filter - located between the shutter and the image sensor - silently vibrates an amazing 35,000 times per second, so dust is flung away and collected so it can't come back. As a result, you can change lenses anywhere without worrying about dust.
Compact and Comfortable Design
The lightweight and compact body of the E-420 is ergonomically designed for superior comfort so it's a pleasure to carry and use for hours at a time; it is even small enough to fit into a purse or a jacket pocket.
TruePic III Image Processor
The TruePic III Image Processor provides fast camera operation and processing speed for more responsive camera operation. Along with the speed advantages, TruePic III also produces crystal clear photos using all the pixel information for each image to provide you with brilliantly clear and bright photos with accurate skin tones.
Versatile Color Modes
The Evolt E-420 is compatible with sRGB or Adobe RGB color spaces, and you can fine-tune your photo's colors with five modes (Vivid, Natural, Muted, Monotone, Sepia), or shoot in black and white using five monochrome modes. Altogether, the advanced color modes of the E-420 let you be as creative as your imagination allows.
Face Detection Technology
The E-420 incorporates the latest Face Detection technology that distinguishes between people's faces and the background. This innovative technology tracks up to eight faces within the image area and automatically focuses and optimizes exposure for sharp, brilliant portrait pictures.
Shadow Adjustment Technology
The E-420 addresses the challenge of shooting under high contrast lighting conditions with its Shadow Adjustment Technology that compensates for extreme contrast when shadow areas are underexposed and lack visible detail. This technology works automatically when using Face Detection Mode, Live View, and in Scene Select Modes.
Advanced Exposure Modes
Exercise tight control over your photos with the camera's extensive advanced exposure modes including program, aperture priority, shutter priority, and full manual control. Get a great shot in any lighting situation with five metering modes including the new 49-point ESP Meter.
18 Easy-to-use Scene Modes
The Evolt E-420 makes it easy to shoot like a pro with 18 easy-to-use Scene Select Modes covering practically every common shooting scenario including Portrait, Fireworks, Sports, Landscape, Sunset, and many more. Simply select the right mode for your shot, and the E-420 takes care of the rest.
Digital Image Stabilization
The E-420 provides Digital Image Stabilization as a Scene Select Mode, utilizing the camera's high ISO sensitivity and faster shutter speeds to freeze the action and capture sharp, blur-free images even if you or your subject is moving.
Built-in and External Flash
Use the built-in, auto pop-up flash with six modes including auto and redeye reduction, and even manually adjust the flash intensity for a custom look. You can also attach an external flash such as the FL-36 to the Hot Shoe for even more illuminating options. The E-420 is also compatible with the Olympus FL-50R and FL-36R wireless electronic flashes that are designed exclusively for digital photography making wireless multi-flash photography possible.
Capture in JPEG or RAW
Shoot using JPEG format for no-hassle sharing, printing, and viewing. Or shoot using the RAW format for the highest image quality and control.
Dual Card Slot
The E-420 has two memory slots, one that holds Compact Flash (Type I & II) or Microdrive cards and one for xD-picture cards. Use the dual slot design to transfer images you want to save from one card to another for better management of your important images.
Auto-Connect USB & Direct Print Compatible
Transfer your images faster and easier to a computer for viewing, editing, printing, and more with a simple USB connection (USB 2.0 Full Speed), no software installation necessary. The E-420 also connects to any PictBridge-enabled printer via the included USB cable for fast and easy PC-free printing. Simply select the images that you wish to print on the camera's LCD and print.

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